As a certified nurse tort, I know it’s important to provide good snuggles whenever your human is sick. It’s true your noms were late and you should definitely stomp around about that as soon as they get better, but first remind them that you love them with a little snuggle, your cutest head tilt and maybe a boop on the nose.

p.s. trust me. they’ll love it so much you’ll totally get a treat and snuggles back.


Really glad this monster was inside when I woke up at 1am from a nightmare she’d gotten crushed by a car. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t outlive her. 8 this month, she owes me minimally 42 more.

This is tort-time’s human here.. I relate to this so much. Zoya is 8(ish) too! I’ve had too many dreams like that (I had a really weird vivid one where she shrunk to the size of a quarter and got lost in a 15 story metro stop). sometimes when I wake up from one, I’ll walk over to her enclosure and poke her in the bum. She kicks or huffs annoyed at me and I feel the most ridiculous sense of relief (and just a little guilt for disrupting her beauty sleep).


I just peaked through my blinds at my tortoise George and he’s under his light sleeping and dreaming and moving his head a little bit and he looks so at peace and kinda like he’s smiling and it just brings a warm happy feeling to me knowing that I have him to come home to every day :,) ❤️love you George🐢

When I check on Zoya before bed and she’s all dug in her log and her legs are splayed out in a silly formation… I feel this exact same way. we’re lucky humans.