So, Zoya was on my bed while I cleaned the terrarium. I walked back into the room and saw her on my laptop. I walk closer and she looks at the screen and moves. Which, coincidently(?), clears the browser cache! (she’s done this before) Then she looks at me with this guilty tort side-eye… 

yeah, she knows what she’s doing… *human skeptical side eyes Zoya back* SHE KNOWS! 

Mmhhmmm I think its time to start reading up on parental controls on that laptop!  

The question is.. what was she doing that she doesn’t want me to see??

In which Zoya gets in big big trouble and has to have a time out.

So! While Zoya was out in the garden this weekend, while we tested out our live streaming Garden Cam, Zoya decieded to show the world (and humom) a new trick. I asked her,

“What are you gonna do now? Who will feed you if you escape”.

In true teen tortoise form she just continued to show me how strong she is till I had to snatch her up and bring her in for a time out. GROUNDED. I’ve added the music I think she hears in her head while she does this. I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s wearing a leather jacket.

thewhimsyturtle  replied to your photo “Someone is getting some big ideas in that terrarium of hers… …”

Kirby wants to include an Article for freedom from baths. He is putting on his super-turtle cape and going to dump his bath water in the sink! If he can push it over…(Caped Kirby pics definitely coming this week once humom has time to take pics!)

YES! Zoya agrees “He [human] has plundered our excess noms, ravaged our hiding spots, disrupted our pursuit of quality basking and snuggly naps, all  in the name of the vile bath!”

Kirby should totally publish The Kirby Papers! 

wafflesworld replied to your photo “Someone is getting some big ideas in that terrarium of hers… …”

How many dandies would Zoya like in exchange for never showing this to Waffles and Mango?

Um. Zoya says she’ll take a dozen dandies and not to read that card we sent too closely… if you notice something strange its NOT a secret tortie code…

(Psst Waffles, Mango, keep practicing your shell-igraphy signature!)