turttle island / Isla de tortugas

Tengo que confesar que mi animal favorito son las tortugas, creo que son criaturas hermosas y muy viejas, su vida transcurre a un ritmo muy diferente al nuestro y debe ser increíble ver el mundo como ellas lo ven. Cuando vi este video me sorprendí mucho de cómo una persona puede amar tanto a esos animales y querer conservar un espacio para ellas. Cuando sea grande quiero tener una isla con muchas tortugas como ese señor 😀

I have to confess that my favorite animals are turtles, I think they are beautiful creatures and very old ones,it must be amazing to see the world as they see it. When I saw this video I was very surprised of how a person can love these animals so much and preserve a space for them. When I grow up I want to have an island with many turtles like this guy 😀



Nate was inspired to create this map after reading an article in The New Yorker magazine about the efforts made by Eric Goode and the Turtle Conservancy to save the critically endangered ploughshare tortoise from extinction. Massive deforestation and rampant poaching on the island of Madagascar have put not only this species, but also many others at risk of extinction. 

Madagascar is home to such an amazing array of exotic and beautiful wildlife. This map represents only a sample of just the reptiles that are at risk, not to mention all the mammals, birds, fish, insects and plant life that are also threatened.

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This is so awesome! Get one! and feel free to get me one too hee

I was born in miami but grew up in central florida. While visiting home a couple years ago I had this fantastic encounter with a beautiful Gopher tortoise.  So in honor of my wishing this would happen again and again and again I’m posting these pics with some info. (P.S. since this is long and you might no read it all…most important info : when happening upon a natural habitat like this you shouldn’t, and I didn’t,  pick up, touch, move, try and snuggle, offer it some of your sandwich, put your trash in its burrow or anything like that no matter how much you want to. Let em be man). and now…


( I know how much you all love fun facts)

  • Gopher tortoise burrows are usually easy to spot in the landscape because of the characteristic mound of loose sand at the burrow entrance (called the “apron”). Burrows can be up to 40 feet (12 meters) in length and 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Tortoise burrows also afford refuge to other animals including more than 360 animal species. The list includes the indigo snake, pine snake, gopher frog, Florida mouse, opossum, armadillo, burrowing owl, gopher cricket, scarab beetles, and many others. Some, such as the Florida mouse, cannot exist without the tortoise burrow. I wrote about this in a previous post but think of all these images of the earth on the tortoise shell you’ve seen depicted by artists and read about in myths. Pretty darn awesome.
  • Gopher tortoises are thought to live in excess of 60 years.

Gopher tortoises are afforded different levels of legal protection throughout their range

  • Georgia state listed as a Threatened Species
  • Florida state listed as a Threatened Species
  • South Carolina state listed as an Endangered Species
  • Mississippi  state listed as a Threatened Species
  • Louisiana state listed as a Threatened Species
  • Alabama  protected non-game species; populations west of the Tombigbee and Mobile Rivers are federally listed as a Threatened species

All fun facts provided by The Gopher Tortoise Council. Click through to read more fun facts, donate, or join!