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Yeah, what he said! #turtleday #worldturtleday

We at tort-time have been having some computer trouble and are so sad we didn’t get to celebrate online with all of you. So we’re going to be celebrating for a week in small increments.. just extending the best holiday of the year (only rivaled by eurovision… though even eurovision takes a second to World turtle day). LOVE A TURLTE OR TORTOISE TODAY AND EVERY DAY! you’ll love it more than you can imagine. 

Find this womans baby *sniff* I can’t imagine. 

CAMDEN-WYOMING, Del. – Barbara Pizzoferrato is the owner an 8-year-old exotic African-Spurred Tortoise named Zori. The family pet took off last Sunday. 

“She’s like my child and I just want her to come back,” said Pizzoferrato. She said that last unday her children were cleaning its pen and must have forgotten to secure a gate. The Pizzoferrato family leaves on nearly 300 acres of land and believe Zori could be anywhere by now. 

“The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has stepped in,” said Pizzoferrato. “They have gone door to door urging neighbors, hunters and farmers to keep an out for her.” 

Pizzoferrato said the tortoise weighs about 25 pounds and she is afraid some one will  find Zori and think she’s an ordinary box turtle. 

“She’s an African spurred turtle and will live to be about 108 years old and get up to about 300 or 500 pounds,” said Pizzoferrato. She said its diet consists of many types of grasses and plants. A small portion of their diet also consists of fruit. Their diet is high in fiber and very low in protein. The consumption of too much protein can cause their shells to take on a pyramid appearance. Pizzoferrato says too exposure to water could kill the tortoise. 

The Pizzoferrato family has secured the tortoise’s pen and hope it will be returned safely. They are asking anyone that may find a tortoise to call Kent County SPCA at (303) 398-3253