August 2011 (6 months old)

February (11 months old)

Tortoise’s make the cutest best friends 🙂
The upper picture is the first time Seamore came over to have a “sleepover” and the second is yesterday, now I own both of them and they are SO excited and so much more active when they are together.

My sisters co-worker bought Seamore and then I bought Finn a week later (they’re from the same litter), and she decided last week that she doesn’t feel like she takes adequate care of him so she gave him to me!

Last tortoise post, promise. I’m just really excited and happy :p


The radiated tortoise may be extinct in 20 years, according to one estimate. The picture isn’t much better for four other tortoise and turtle species on Madagascar, as a new report states that political instability has opened the way for armed militias to poach 1,000 tortoises – every week. Take a look at the effort to save these species from extinction.

Read more: http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/madagascar-tortoises-47020709#ixzz1mJN6DfYV

Zoya reminds us that she’ll put up with sweaters and pictures but do not mess with her food! even on Valentines day:

Once upon a time, Zoya’s mom thought it would be cute to use one of the valentine’s day heart straws she bought for a Galentines day celebration to making a tree of food and hearts! Aww! Inspired by the fact that it was valentines day, she thought surely Zoya wanted to help her not celebrate by being cute and reminding her Tortoises are better than pretty much everything.

At first Zoya liked the idea, or so mommy thought. She sniffed, she took a bite, and mommy thought her plan was brilliant! Yay! In reality? zoya just liked the idea of food and the fact that mommy finally got her butt out of bed. As you can see, in the end, she made sure to show mommy that her idea was stupid and the only red circle things that should be in her terrarium are tomatos (even though we all know she only gets one of those once every few months). 

So, the hearts were promptly removed and Zoya pouted (aka stared at the food, then back at me, then at the food, then at me) for a good 20 minutes, because there were no tomatoes to replace them, before eating all that food in about 10 minutes. 

the. end. 

(via Cotswold Wildlife Park welcomes giant tortoise from Seychelles | This is Gloucestershire)

A giant tortoise called Darwin will this month be donated to the Cotswold Wildlife Park by the government of the Seychelles.

The new arrival is part of an exciting conservation project between the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens and Cotswold Wildlife Park.

The project aims to enhance the conservation of these amazing reptiles and their birthplace in the Seychelles.


Porque sé es una pobre tortuguita de 5 cm y porque en vez de recibir mis mimos con alegría es probable que sufra un infarto múltiple o fallezca de asfixia, pero si no, os juro que estaría achuchándola constantemente.

Y es que encontrarte esta carita cuando vas a ver si está ya dormida derrite a cualquiera.


Because I know it is a very tiny tortoise of 5 cm and because instead of receiving my pampering with joy is likely to suffer a heart attack or die of suffocation, but if not, I swear I would constantly kissing her.

In this photo was falling asleep.

That is true love.