Remember James, construction master extraordinaire? He had a brand new baby boy a few weeks ago and has now returned to finish up Oscar’s new pad with a custom gate! He’s super skilled, knowledgeable, hardworking, and always comes up with exactly the right designs to maximize the safety and well-being of our rescued residents.

Oscar is supervising today and making sure James provides plenty of snacks. 🍃 🐢

If you’d like to donate to Oscar’s new habitat (fencing, gate, predator-proof house, dig-proof rebar border, sprinkers, gates, edible plants, and James’ labor) you can do so at Venmo, PayPal, or the link in our bio!

This wonderful new habitat will grow with him and protect him for many, many years. 💕

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When you love your job, you never work a day…🐢🚜



Fun tortoise and Bonnie fact: Bonnie is a boy! It’s hard to sex a tortoise for the first couple of years of their life as their shells can change making you think male or female. Bonnie didn’t have normal signs of being a male or female. It’s suggested to name your tortoise a name knowing they can be either sex. But we don’t care if Bonnie is a boy and has a typical girl name. But, when he is naughty, his full name is Bernard.😆 But we just picked a name for the duo of torts and Clyde definitely looked male so that’s how they ended up with the names they have.


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Zoya’s gardening tip: It’s important to remove the wilting parts of the petunia plant so that more flowers and branches can grow!

As you can see I’m helping humom prune our petunias. This side definitely needed some flower removal. Just doing my job as the resident garden tort! Noming so more noms can grow!