This turtle was in the middle of my street when I pulled in after church so I moved it to our yard. Am I the only one who hopes you didn’t just move it far from its family when you try to help a turtle out? Or that I moved it even farther from its destination? It was facing our yards direction! Lol

I’m just trying to save the world one turtle at a time. 🐢


This International Turtle and Tortoise week, I’m going out in the neighbourhood to tell all our friends about why shells are so awesome. This is also a good time to let them know about my lawn cutting and weed service with complimentary tortoise brand fertilization.

Waffles lawn and garden services are the best. He comes highly recommended on “TortiesList” thats like Angie’s list but better. 


Since today a random cold front swept through making it to cold to adventure Freddy decided to make it a snuggle in day. Made himself a bundled little nest and snoozed the day away dreaming up who knows what. Silly lite tort. To all of our friends.

Happy Earth Day freddy!! We had to stay inside today too. I hear tomorrow we get to go outside! We can celebrate then cause for a tort? Every day is earth day!

Earth Day 2017: What I’ll be doing


As a volunteer with (and President of) Mojave Desert Land Trust, I’ll be working with our volunteers and Marines from the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California to continue our work in restoring a 640-acre parcel of land we recently acquired that abuts Joshua Tree National Park. Here’s a recent photo (taken by one of our volunteers or staff). Working with the Marines is always fun, and an honor. But because I’m old enough to be each of their grandfather, I get really protective of the men and women in the Marine Corps, and worry about them.

A description of this parcel, and what our intentions are, from the San Bernardino County Sentinel:

The land had been owned for over a decade by Danmark Development, which had designs of subdividing the property for residential development. The property, an expanse of Joshua trees, piñon pines and brush, populated by no people and a smattering of desert tortoise, badgers, mule deer and an occasional bobcat, includes a ridge in the Little San Bernardino Mountains that presents a spectacular vantage over Long Canyon, both Yucca and Coachella valleys and the San Gorgonio Wilderness peaks to the west.

The land, nevertheless, is marred by debris, trash, old tires, discarded appliances, abandoned vehicles and upwards of 40,000 bullet casings, as over the years people have used it as a dump and unauthorized shooting range. An effort to clean the property up over the next several years is being planned.

It is the Mojave Desert Land Trust’s intention that the 640 acres will be absorbed into Joshua Tree National Park, becoming a protected area, meaning it will be off limits for development of any sort but will be open to hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians, and will stand as a wildlife preserve. This last function is significant, as the property is located within the wildlife corridor between Joshua Tree National Park and the Sand to Snow National Monument.

I have a couple of events bookended around Earth Day. Tomorrow, several volunteers and staff with the Wildlands Conservancy are guiding 200 elementary school kids (4th through 6th grades) through the Wildlands’ Mission Creek Preserve to explore and study desert wildflowers. Then on Sunday, I’m volunteering to work with a group that will be hiking along the Pine City trail in Joshua Tree National Park. All good stuff. I’ll be ready to do my couch potato thing Sunday evening.

So awesome!! Be sure to send our regards to Mojave Max and any of his friends you meet. I’m sure they’re so very grateful for what you’re doing. 


Semaru Hako Game.
a kind of box turtle which lives in Japanese southern islands.
designated a national natural treasure.

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I’d argue this little guy is an international treasure!

Happy #EarthDay and the final day of International Turtle and Tortoise Week #ITTW!

There are so many ways YOU can help protect the earth and the shell friends that live there today and EVERY day! 

Learn about and support, climate change & conservation policy and advocacy organizations. Find ways you can reduce reuse and recycle in your own life! Learn about small things you can do to protect our oceans, wetlands, etc. cutting up the plastic soda can rings, recycling bags, cleaning up shorelines!

Learn about all our shell friends and spread information about responsible pet adoption, the impact of the illegal wildlife trade, and how to protect their natural habitat. Support research organizations working to find solutions. 

SPREAD THE WORD!  Information yields action!

And of course, support wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organizations! Donate, Volunteer, and spread the word about the many amazing animals rescues doing everything they can to keep our shell friends, and other at-risk animals alive!

here are just a few shell supporting organizations we love:

Shell specific organizations:

For the earth

Spread the word and add your own! 


Reni with Frankie the tortoise 🐢 #littlemisshaun #frankie #tortoise #internationalturtleandtortoiseweek #animals #reptiles #wildlife

Thanks to #ITTW & @Zoomed , lots of amazing shells like Frankie have been out on the town educating children and adults about the awesomeness of turtles and tortoises! Good work Frankie! I’m pretty sure Reni is ready to spread the word about the importance of keeping turtles and tortoises around for generations to come!!