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Taking a break from fighting robots. Eating some dandelions and watching the rain #mrsrobinsonthetortoise #tortoise #scalybaby

you know what humans, you laugh but we don’t see YOU sticking your neck out for food. nooo you have fancy forks and spoons.. how about a hand? Gaw!


To all my followers and tort friends Happy Belated Mothers day.

      That includes fur babies tort babes and everything in between  

This photo shoot means alot to me because this is my little sister Libby. We didnt always get along but she is my best friend in all the world. We maqde sure to smile for our mom hanging out reading Franklin one of my favorite story books. Shes a goofy fun little human baby. Mom loves us equally always 

To my mom a special Tortly Mothers day to you thank you for taking me home with you and taking such good care of me all these years.