At one point Lobster friend was riding on Zoya!She was stomping all around with her Happy Birthday Kirby Signby the time the party ended everyone was passed out on the floor!

HAPPY HATCHDAY KIRBY ( @thewhimsyturtle )!!!!! 

We hope your day was full of noms, more noms, some naps, and then more noms. 

Zoya wanted to celebrate your special day in style. She made special signs just for you, invited raccoon, lobster, and Birthday Bear over to celebrate the AWESOMENESS OF KIRBY! 

(When humom looked away, things got a little rowdy. By the time she came back Zoya’s party dress was discarded and everyone was passed out on the couch 🙀  *sigh*  )

they can't see me.. la la la..I mean, maybe they don't understand what its like to be so loved by the press. Maybe I wanted some space?!

“No Comment” for the press from Abuh the Aldabra Tortoise, who has returned to the Japanese animal park after second escape attempt lasted 2 weeks.

(Via Mother Nature Network & NDTV)

Some might assume that the label ‘escape artist’ is only for the small tort species, but Abuh, the 35-year-old 121lb Aldabra tortoise, is making a habit of proving them wrong.

A resident of the Shibukawa Animal Park in Tamano, Japan, Abuh has had free reign of the grounds since she arrived in 2004.  No one can be sure what prompted it, but in July of this year Abuh was spotted by a keeper half a mile away from the park. No one is sure what sparked this need for adventure but it would not be her last.

“I spotted her on the way to the zoo. I stopped my car and asked my colleagues to help,” Yoshimi Yamane told Agence France-Presse. “She can walk faster than we can ever imagine.”

On August 1st Abuh went missing again. After a full week with no sign of her, a 4500 dollar reward was offered for her return. It was a week later, after 2 weeks on the lamb, Abuh was spotted by a man and his son in the bushes less than 500 feet from the animal park entrance.

The park’s employees were relieved to have their ‘sweet’ tortoise back safe and sound and plan to do more to secure the area should she feel adventurous again in the future.

Abuh’s disappearance was major news in Japan so it’s no surprise the press was there to witness her return. Walking through the throngs of media outlets back to her home she was repeatedly asked what prompted her escape, to which she would only reply ‘No Comment’.


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This shell won’t forget to be awesome! Clearly she was born that way.