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natgeoVideo by @joelsartore | Yucatan box turtles are unique in that the males have quite striking facial pigmentation. Some are pigmented so strongly that it is almost reminiscent of makeup. Because males are so ornate, scientists once believed that female Yucatan turtles were a completely different species than their male counterparts. These turtles can only be found in the Yucatan peninsula and are very elusive; they are rarely encountered by humans and are often only seen during or after rain.

This male Yucatan box turtle at @OKCzoo loves to emerge from his hiding place for an evening mist before retiring for the night. He, along with three others of his kind are housed together and get along very well.
Turtles and tortoises are the most endangered group of vertebrates in the world, with wild populations across the globe declining sharply as a result of harvesting by humans for pet and food markets. In addition to caring for and breeding endangered turtles and tortoises, the @OKCzoo partners with the @TurtleSurvival Alliance (TSA) to conserve turtles. TSA works in turtle hotspots in 15 countries, leading conservation efforts that include enforcing laws that protect turtles, rehabilitating and releasing turtles confiscated from traffickers, and breeding and releasing endangered turtle species.


                     To All of my fellow turt/torts and followers :

            Happy and grandest of St. Patrick’s day to ya along with a joyous spring that is finally here. This tort is so very happy to feel the warmth. I’ve been very impatient to get back into my back yard to stomp around in the upcoming fresh plants waiting for me. Today was a beautiful perfect temperature day and my owner took me to the botanical gardens for some fun. Plus of course a photoshoot ;3

      It was alot of fun and got alot alot of attention from the locals . My owner felt like a zoo keeper educating alot of the people , answering  their questions about myself. All in all what a great to stretch my legs and enjoy the sun shine I have been missing so badly.

          To all my friends I hope y’all get to enjoy some outside time and yummy green treats in spirits of the holiday

                 Your local friendly tort


Happy st Patrick’s day, Freddy! And to all out shell friends! Time to nom allllll the clover!


Itty bitty tortoise baby. His shell length was only 38 millimeters long. I used my Aggie ring for scale. #thetortoisearecoming #tortoise #mojavedesert #wildlifephotography #iphonography #aggiering #spring #babyanimals #thedesertisbeautifultoo

so much world for you to dominate, little one. rest up!