when ur off soaking and u hear ur friends crunching leaves without u


Are you suffering from FOMON? #FOMO N, the very real fear of missing out on noms. Be prepared, bring a snack. This could happen to you. #Themoreyouknow 


They may out live you.
Will you be able to afford them long term?
Will you be able to grow and source the food they need?
Will you still have time for them when you go to university or get that job you want?

No one can predict the future, but please plan ahead. They depend entirely on you, don’t let them down by purchasing them on a whim.

Created by the 11 year old i look after with only a little help from me 🙂 

Please plan ahead, understand potential futures, make sure you are prepared to take on their challenges.

Adopting is a forever commitment, your shell might very well out live you, You are committing to him/her and abandonment is never an option. Prepare, care. and love.. Its worthwhile if you do these things. So worthwhile. <3


Heard scratching all last night and this morning. When I went to check on Pistachio, this is what I found.

“Lining? What lining?”

Point made, little buddy…. I’ll get you some better burrowing materials.

They have quite the ability to prove a point, don’t they? heee