BREAKING: Tortie Receives Citation For Aggressively Noming Neighbors Lawn 

(watching video with audio is a must

TURTLE ESCAPE!  via @MyNews13

TITUSVILLE A large tortoise on the loose in a Titusville neighborhood has been returned to its owner after digging its way out of its yard and snacking on neighbors’ lawn.

Officers initially called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but then another neighbor came by and said he knew where the tortoise’s owner lived, four houses down.

So officers went to the owner’s home, and he “identified” his 50-pound pet and carried him home.

“They dig burrows,” owner Justin Cadiz said. “They dig to stay cool, and I guess he got out from under the back fence.”

A large hole could be seen under the fence where the tortoise dug itself to freedom.


Look what I have. Proof that I am your supreme overlord! Err, I mean chelonian personality of the year. I will display my trophy proudly and promise not to use it for evil like hitting non dandy feeders over the head.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FRIEND WAFFLES!!!! I mean, there was never a doubt, you have the biggest shell-sonality in all the land!  We know you will take your trophy and use it for only the most important turtpocalypse missions!  Keep noming like a boss!! 


I don’t know how, but he always gets grass on his head!!

Thats a super cool tortie ninja secret. We’re not allowed to tell you how we do it. #Turtpocalypse

Happy (day after) Hatchday wafflesworld !!!!!! We celebrated your awesomeness yesterday with noms and Zoya wore her birthday cupcake hat (you have to cross your eyes to make it look like two candles ok? ok)

Even though she’s an only-tort, Zoya likes to think of you as her BIG little brother 😀 (and mangomusings & Kirby thewhimsyturtle !!)  She hopes that’s ok with you and says that she’ll always be a good sister (and partner in shenanigans) and won’t steal your noms cause she can’t get to them through the computer screen! Win Win!!  


Their tongues are kind of amazing. I’d never really noticed it with the little ones before, but the first time we brought Pedro home, when he refused to come out of his shell, we put him on the counter and bribed him with a strawberry and momentarily thought he was either choking or having an allergic reaction and his tongue was swelling. 

I mean, it makes sense that their tongues are powerful and work harder for them since they have to keep the food in their mouths somehow, it just never occurred to me before.

It’s kind of awesome and gross to watch him eat.

their pink tongues are my favorite thing! 

U.F.O. Unidentified Frankie Object! One of our all time favorites and apparently the pet supermarket’s contest favorite too! Congrats on First Place Frankie!!!!

See some more pics of this UFO sighting on Frankie’s blog!

Frankie’s Tortoise Tails! is another must read tortoise blog!! Frankie’s mom details all of Frankie’s shenanigans in the most wonderful way and gives some important insight into life with 100lbs of shell baby 🙂 

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