Donnie decided he was tired of his old hidey hole so he made a new one by digging a hole and somehow dragging his bathing bowl 2 inches away from the wall. And making a big mess in the process

Tortoise made no mess. nope .I don’t see a tortoise anywhere. It must have been a rogue squirrel. Those fur beasts are sneaky like that. #BlameASquirell 


We’ve received this wonderful submission and request from a tortoise loving humom who whats to surprise her special tortoise loving human on Valentine’s day! See below for her request and get posing! I’ll be reposting this again in a few days in case anyone misses it! 

Hello tortoise and turtle lovers!
I have a favor to ask from all of you who have torts and turtles as pets. Valentine’s day is coming up soon, and I want to make a special gift for my boyfriend, who adores turtles and tortoises as much as I do. I want to make him a photo album with photos of tortoises and turtles from all around the world, with our names next to them!
So, If you want to help me, I would like you to write SALE + VALE (our nicknames) on a piece of paper, your location and names of your torts too, and take a photo of your tortoises and turtles next to it!
I have added the photo of how it should look like.
Thank you very much in advance! <3

I wanted to give you an update on Gamagorath. He is doing very well! He’s a smart little guy (except he’s growing fast!) he’s a very fast swimmer too.
Sadly we couldn’t get him healthy before winter came here. But he is doing alright now. When spring comes, we’ll look into getting him into a program of some kind but honestly I think that it might be best if we became his forever home. He will always be loved and fed here. And I’ve already started looking into giant aquariums for when he is an adult!
Wishing all the tort lovers and turts and torts a very happy new year!

YAY! We LOVE updates and we love happy beginnings! It’s so amazing that you are keeping his best interest at heart, looking for programs while also planning for the reality of his future with you.   What a little explorer! Have you found quality care info for diet etc?? 

Please keep us updated and a big happy new year to you and Gamagorath!