It’s not even June and I’ve met all these lovely turtles!
½. Lovely snapper who fell in my neighbors window well. dug around a lot in there so I assume it’s a female looking to lay eggs. Look how long her neck is in the second pic! Luckily she wasn’t super defensive bc this one kid put his face super close to her.
2. Found this guy on the road. It’s alive, just hiding! Friend was returned to the grass.
3. Babies! They’re so damn cute! I’ve seen 3 so far and I love them all. I love seeing the variations in their shell patterns too, especially since these guys probably came from the same clutch.

Submitted by @imwiththedroid   Who, whoa! is clearly on the good side of the turtpocalypse! The shells are flocking to you! you’re a chosen human!