(sources: The guardian, World Animal ProtectionCatchnews.com)

Human beings have the strange tendency to destroy the very thing we revere. The sad tale of the Indian star tortoise is testament to this fact. Loved as a pet and worshiped as spiritual symbol, this magnificent creature is reeling under the threat of flourishing illegal trade.

An extensive study by World Animal Protection has raised concerns about the impact of the rampant trade on the tortoises, famed for the star-like radiating patterns on their shells.

According to the study, over 55,000 tortoises are being poached from just one site in South East India annually.

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Prepare for loads of pictures of my little baby. 😉 

Bring em on!!!! Can’t wait to see the face that goes with that gorgeous shell! 


For all the tortoise lovers out there. Currently we’re trying to increase the behaviour of the G. Elegans (Indian star tortoise) the female enclosure is first and they responded well. It’s hard for them to grab food which is gently swinging since they’re used to getting it served on a plate. But it’s good to make them work and think.

This is awesome! I occasionally hang dandelions or greens around the terrarium to get Zoya moving, stretching, and working for her food. She’s pretty good at it.