To All of my fellow turt/torts and followers :

            Happy and grandest of St. Patrick’s day to ya along with a joyous spring that is finally here. This tort is so very happy to feel the warmth. I’ve been very impatient to get back into my back yard to stomp around in the upcoming fresh plants waiting for me. Today was a beautiful perfect temperature day and my owner took me to the botanical gardens for some fun. Plus of course a photoshoot ;3

      It was alot of fun and got alot alot of attention from the locals . My owner felt like a zoo keeper educating alot of the people , answering  their questions about myself. All in all what a great to stretch my legs and enjoy the sun shine I have been missing so badly.

          To all my friends I hope y’all get to enjoy some outside time and yummy green treats in spirits of the holiday

                 Your local friendly tort


Happy st Patrick’s day, Freddy! And to all out shell friends! Time to nom allllll the clover!

It’s St. Patricks Day! The human called me her little leprechaun this morning.  I realized that must mean I have a pot of gold somewhere! How did I miss this?! I put on my St. Patricks day hat and went on an epic search! 

Well, the search didn’t take long so I guess it’s true! I am a leprechaun! No  the pot of gold is not in my bum like humom always says it is. I found it just to the left of the world map pillow and it was TASTY!I