a few warm days and a crazy flower sale led to a garden transformation from 6 petunia plants and some rocks to what Zoya appeared to interpret as “OMG GARDEN ITS MY BIRTHDAY WIN!” Marigolds, petunias (4 8 packs! 32 new single plants) and a few pansies happened and Zoya was in heaven.

The petunias never had a chance. All but 3 flowers gone in 10 minutes flat… but damn did she enjoy it (and thankfully some good regrowth is happening since its been raining for 3 days since these pics).

With all the rain after such a fun garden day, she is very clearly unhappy to not be in her outdoor garden of nom nom heaven and scoffs at the greens I provide her every morning.Oh and the pansies are a new one in the garden and nothing made me laugh more than her quick confusion in which she took a bite of a pansy.. looked at it.. clearly thought in her little tortie brain… NOT A PETUNIA.. and promptly moved along by stomping all over it. 

gotta love this little trouble maker. Looking forward to a nice weekend according to the weather reports so she can continue to destroy all my gardening attempts and I can blame that for my lack of green thumb 🙂

In case you hadn’t noticed: Spring has officially arrived in Southern Nevada.

Mojave Max, the famous desert tortoise, emerged from his burrow at 12:41 p.m. today to herald the official arrival of spring in the desert. It is, according to officials with the Clark County Desert Conservation Program and the federal Bureau of Land Management, the latest he has come out since 2000.


Since we are set to reach record high temperatures here in MA today, and despite the fact that that kinda heat is incredibly awful for my MS symptoms, lets celebrate the fact that its April and the dandelions are large and plentiful! Zoya is SO happy about that (as you can see here omnomnomnom). and well… I can’t lie, Zoya’s moments of Nom nom joy are mine as well. Look at her wrangle that thing. Thats better than the crappy romantic comedy cable has been rerunning all weekend by 1,000,000. 

Dying of cute: Zoya in the “garden”

Zoya has been getting some garden time now that its warm here in Massachusetts. I don’t have many plants for her yet so I added a christmas cactus and an aloe plant I had around the house (for shade and what not.. ) She’s been causing a ruckus all over the place, destroyed the aloe in 10 minutes, but today was just too much. Cactus officially uprooted, tortoise completely buried, tortoise emerges slowly in the cutest way possible. 

Seriously people! How can you not LOVE her?!? LOOK AT THE FACE PEEKING OUT OF THE DIRT!? 

Oh no! 🙁 here’s hoping it doesn’t get too cold again. 

Warm weather has turtle lovers warning reptiles will come up too soon

The warm weather has turtle lovers worried that the city’s hibernating reptiles will also come up too soon.

“If it doesn’t get cold, they’ll be all right, but if there’s a cold snap, they could die,” said Lorri Cramer, a N.Y.S.-licensed wildlife rehabilitator with the New York Turtle and Tortoise Society who cares for the city’s sick and injured turtles.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/warm-weather-turtle-lovers-warning-reptiles-article-1.1036724#ixzz1omHZYEqm

With 70 degree mid-winter weather in Southern California, it does not matter if the most famous groundhog weathercaster Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not on Feb. 2.

However according to legend, when the Living Desert’s Mojave Maxine emerges from her reptilian hibernation, spring is said to officially start in the Mojave Desert.

That’s why the Living Desert is holding a Mojave Maxine Emergence Contest for students in K-12 grades in the Southland. 

The contest challenges students to guess the day and time that Maxine will emerge for the first time this year.

“The Mojave Maxine Emergence Contest is a fun way to get students excited about learning about the desert tortoise,” said Kyle Pong, Desert Tortoise Conservation Coordinator.

The winning entry will be awarded with a $50 gift certificate, a Federal Parks Lands Pass, a $100 gift certificate for the student’s teacher and their entire class will get a visit from a desert tortoise, including Mojave Maxine T-shirts for everyone.

The contest will remain open until Maxine emerges from her burrow for students in K-12 grades, enrolled in public, private and registered home school in the following southern California counties: Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura.

“The desert tortoise is California’s state reptile and is listed as ‘Threatened’ on the US Endangered Species List,” Pong said. “The contest helps to create awareness about the desert tortoise and hopefully intrigues students and teachers to learn more about this wonderful herbivorous reptile.”

This season Maxine has been in her den since on Nov. 26, waiting for the warm sun and the flowers to return.