I would be the perfect Sphero SpokesPet!Mom, how many photos are you going to take this time?When you said I will get radicchio as a reward, you better not have been kidding!Hey, Sphero BB-8, you should distract Mom while I raid the fridge!You can even make noises?!  You will be the perfect partner in crime!MOM, can I have my radicchio treat yet?!Mom, why am I not directly on the fuzzy blanket?!Sphero BB-8, how are you smaller than me?!I wonder if the orange bits on Sphero BB-8 are secretly noms...Sphero BB-8 and I are best friends now!


Sphero is holding a #SpheroSpokesPet contest on Instagram, and Zoya had the excellent idea of advancing the Turtpocalypse by entering!  Of course, we broke out my BB-8 Halloween costume to match the Sphero BB-8!  Who thinks I would be the cutest, most perfect spokespet ever?  ❤️ 🐢

The first photo is our official submission to the contest.  Obviously, we also had to share with you all our other photos, including this awesome gif!


Fingers crossed I become the new Sphero SpokesPet!

(If you’re wondering about our special project with @tort-time and @wafflesworld that we were working on yesterday, we have discovered a way to make it even more awesome, so it actually won’t be done until later this week. Stay tuned!)

Friends! Let’s help kirby become the Sphero Spokespet! Do it for the #turtpocalypses! 

check kirby out on instagram and like that post so sphero doesn’t miss it! (and like all the others too cause.. TOO CUTE)