Yesterday, I saw snow up close for the first time!  I love snow!  I could have run around on it all day, but Mom freaked out about it being too cold for me and made me turn back around.  Moms are such party poopers!  🙄

This video is a bit long, but I promise I am cute through all of it!  Plus, if you turn up the volume, you can not only see, but also hear my snow tracks!  (And Mom’s deafeningly loud and clumsy steps, too.)

WHOA! Kirby! Isn’t it cold? there are no noms out there don’t go too far! …. but hey you make awesome tortie tracks!

storystereo replied to your photo: “Is it ever gonna stop snowing, Mama?” “I don’t know Zoya Pants, I…”:

I can see how upset she is. She looks as though she’s giving the snow a very disapproving look.

She is. She definitely is. I think she’s also thinking “WTF is that crap covering the place my dandelions grow??”. (She gets her foul mouth from Auntie.

Although we were declared a snow emergency at 10pm last night, I was watching the news for official Blizzard snow closings here in the greater boston area. Guess Zoya called in her own closing before I got back from shopping for blizzard supplies.  A little jealous since she has a heat lamp in there and all… 



This was an old MS Paint drawing that I made.

I’ve also been asked by a few people as of late if I was the original artist that made, this turtle has a suitcase ) 


So just to clear things up. Yes, I am the original artist. Phew, I’m glad that that is now out of my system. 

You are my hero. Draw more of these.