Bittersweet day today. Three of our snapping turtle babies are going to their adoptive home. It’s a good thing – the new owner has ample facilities for them at maturity and is a very experienced reptile keeper. This will leave ACS with two snapping turtles, which is a more manageable number. But I’ve had these guys since they were freshly hatched, and I’ve grown quite attached. Happy tails, little ones.



I saw these two common snapping turtles doing… something? I’m actually not sure if it was mating or fighting, because it looked like both? It was pretty brutal. One tore a piece of skin from the other’s neck. One looked like it was trying to mount the other, too. But after a while they just swam two different ways and that was it?

@the-awkward-turt @why-animals-do-the-thing I feel like either of you would know? Either way it was still amazing to see, and I’m glad to know there’s a population of snappers in my neighborhood.

@wxngedarcher That’s such a cool thing to see! Although snapper mating can be pretty violent this looks like two males engaging in a territorial fight. It’s hard to tell though, from this distance and in the muddy water you can’t easily tell male from female. But the intensity of this fight and the fact that they both seem to be aggressors (and attempting to mount does not seem to be the primary objective) makes me lean towards a male-male fight.

Either way it’s awesome that you were able to film it!

WIld animals being wild animals, incredible footage of two snapping turtles 

I wanted to give you an update on Gamagorath. He is doing very well! He’s a smart little guy (except he’s growing fast!) he’s a very fast swimmer too.
Sadly we couldn’t get him healthy before winter came here. But he is doing alright now. When spring comes, we’ll look into getting him into a program of some kind but honestly I think that it might be best if we became his forever home. He will always be loved and fed here. And I’ve already started looking into giant aquariums for when he is an adult!
Wishing all the tort lovers and turts and torts a very happy new year!

YAY! We LOVE updates and we love happy beginnings! It’s so amazing that you are keeping his best interest at heart, looking for programs while also planning for the reality of his future with you.   What a little explorer! Have you found quality care info for diet etc?? 

Please keep us updated and a big happy new year to you and Gamagorath! 

@his-ladyship-thefangirl replied to your photo: “Meet Gamagorath! My boyfriend and i rescued him from an idiot who…”:

Thank you all so much. Just an update, he’s doing well. I’ve been feeding him tiny shrimp and he loves them! Also he’s eating the baby turtle pellets I got, so he’s getting plenty of calcium now as well as protein. I moved him to a larger tub, and I am getting him into a proper tank this weekend. That way he can really swim around and grow big and strong before we release him. I’m also going to try and find a vet in the area. I have contacted a wildlife shelter to see what they say.

yay! So glad to hear it. please keep us updated 😀

Meet Gamagorath! My boyfriend and i rescued him from an idiot who picked him up in the wild and wanted to keep him. Unfortunately, he had been in captivity for four months, without any sources of food besides green vegetables (I do know snappers need insects as well). I’m in over my head here… I don’t know what to do. I want to release him but he’s very small and I want to fatten him up but winter is coming… any advice you have would be of great help! Love your blog. We humbly request your guidance Zoya
PS his full name is Gamagorath eater of souls. He will be a great warrior of the turtpocalypse

Hello! Gamagorath and human friends!!! Thanks for messaging us! Zoya appreciates your kind words, she’s happy to know others see the greatness she sees when she looks in the mirror heeheee 

Wow you are one gorgeous little one aren’t you, Garmagorath! He is probably very thankful to be out of the hands of that kidnapper! Way to rescue him! Its so sad that people think they have the right to just snatch an animal from its habitat for their own amusement. Its simply not ok. Ever.   

So, my instinct is to get that little one back to his habitat. That’s my instinct, but we don’t have any real experience with snapping turtles and unfortunately can’t say for sure that its safe after 4 months in captivity. I would think that Garmagorath is young enough that he might be able to integrate just fine, but I’m hoping some of the turtle/ snapper experts here on reptiblr can give you some better advice! 

We do know that snapping turtle care is very detailed, not at all ‘easy’ (no turtle or tortoise care is really easy..), getting their diet and husbandry right is vital to their health and survival. Also? They grow pretty large and need to be handled appropriately (cause they’re snappers! snap those fingers look like noms!)  

Here is a care sheet from the Chicago Exotic Vet Hospital.  We can’t verify how great the info is here but we’ve heard good things about the hospitals work with turtles and torts so its the closest to a reputable care sheet I’m able to give you.

Again we’re not snapper experts (we do think they’re awesome but sadly heart eyes aren’t the expertise you need! ha). I’d say, if at all possible, return your new friend to the wild (he’ll tell all his snapper friends how awesome you and your boyfriend are and you’ll definitely be on the right side of the turtpocalypse!) Keep checking this post and hopefully some of the awesome folks with snapper experience will have better/ more detailed advice for you! 

How about it, reptiblr, anyone with snapper experience that can help Gamagorath and his human rescuers out??