Mental_Floss answers the question: Why are tortoises slow??

A well put answer to this question. I would probably add that ‘slow’ is relative. In relation to the other animals in their native habitat, tortoises are definitely slow movers.  In relation to what people assume “tortoise speed” might be? Tortoises tend to be much faster than you’d think. Size matters. Smaller torts can go faster (for the reasons described in the video). When Zoya and I go for a walk? She can book it. Don’t turn your head cause they can get into trouble and out of reach in no time. 


Tumblr – He’s slow but determined

I’ll bet you 50 bucks that kitteh got a big chomp in under 3 and was then chased around the house for a while. Its this myth of slow thats really allowed the turtpocalypse to grow bwahaha


How it feels when I ride in the car while my grandma drives.

is this the new, global warming, Iditarod? 

I dunno, that’s about how fast I’d go with someone standing on my back