First time turtle owner! I’m watching this little guy named Pants for 3 months. He makes me want my own!! 🌿🐢☀️

PANTS!!! that’s my name too! Zoya Pants that is. I don’t go in water like your new friend but we’re all really adorable and your heart will melt so many times in the next 3 months.. just wait till you see that neck stretch accompanied by a BIG YAWN. you’ll be putty in Pants hands (as you should be. good job Pants!)


Hello! Thank you so much for replying about the 2 turtles. I’ll try and grab a good picture, they have little stripey faces :). I have the light and heat set up ok I believe, my main well primary (first) concern is are they even meant to be cohabitating? And the tank he gave me seems to be half water/half dry with sand, which I’m guessing isn’t the right substrate. Their last owner seems negligent or clueless to the point of abuse so I have a vet appointment Monday to see what’s going on.

Hey there! Well I think they are incredibly lucky to have found you. They sound like sliders to me. Did the vet have any info on them? Hope they are doing well. I know there are lots of slider parents here on tumblr that would happily give you info or direct you to resources on diet, housing etc. Share some pics of your new friends if you feel up to it! Way to rescue! 😀