Tortoise is curled up for the night, protected by a bit of fallen chaparral.

The vibrant dusk of a Dreamy Desert is perfect for any space and encourages restfulness and joy. The happy animals depicted in this peaceful, watercolor series rest under a dreamy sunset filled with smiling stars.

Painted in K. Ryan Henisey’s award winning style, each illustration originally appeared in Dreamy Desert, an illustrated sleepy time ebook for children.

Reds and yellows blossom under a deep, restful sky. Each animal type is prominently displayed in a pose of restful sleep. Smiling stars keep watch over the dreaming landscapes.

Find your rest in the Dreamy Desert.

#art #watercolor #drawing #painting #ink #tortoise #turtle #desert #nature #sunset #sleep #stars #sleep #fineart #home #decor (at Los Angeles, California)


Trouble decided he wanted to sleep on the rock 🙂

I’m wondering if he’s going to have a dream about food again tonight. It’s pretty hilarious to watch him trying to ‘eat’ in his sleep. He chomps down on air hahaha.

One time Dr. Horrible was moving her arms around in her sleep, freaked out and pulled her head back in, and then carefully came out of her shell…without waking up. Being the mean owner that I am, I laughed at her 😛

Sometimes I really wonder what they are dreaming about 🙂

Okay. I will shut up about my torts now!! XD (but they are sooo cute)

oh sweetie! Looks so much like my Zoya! She fell asleep on her way to burrowing in her log today. only made it half way inside hee. 

Sorry Zoya but we share a studio apartment!

Been sitting here waiting for my meds to kick in so I can go to sleep. Zoya is asleep in her log (which she turned around several different ways before settling in for sleepy time) and she fell asleep half out of the log with one arm? Paw? Leg? over her eyes as if to signal to me “Mom. Can you PLEASE watch TV in the other room. I’m trying to sleep and the light is bugging me”. It is very cute.