Humom finished her Basic Wildlife Rehabilitator course/exam. It was not tort/turt specific but a step in that direction. She passed her exam! woo! Also learned how to tube feed a hawk, give fluids subcutaneously and intramuscularly to all kinds of animals, and learned about Dumb rabies hah. 


Finally. Finally!! Warm weather flowers and nice green grass to chomp on. More outside time for me to stomp and look at the warm star filled nights.
My friend Libby mo mo and me dressed all fancy and took pictures for our mom. We had a good time playing outside can’t wait for more sunny days

Frederic Uthor mcklockin


TSA Turtle Tuesday:  Asian Mountain Tortoise

Did you know the Asian mountain tortoise (Manouria emys) is one of the only turtle species that provides maternal protection for its eggs?

After making a nest on the surface of the ground, the female will cover the eggs with vegetation and stand guard! If a potential threat approaches, she will push and bite to ward off the predator. If this doesn’t work, the protective tortoise will place herself over the eggs and hunker down! Both surface nests and nest protection are unique characteristics among chelonians.

You can read more about this critically endangered species and our ongoing conservation efforts on our website…

Turtle Survival Alliance

R.I.P. Lunchbox


Friends, I have very sad news to share with you:

Lunchbox passed away yesterday.

Peacefully, in his sleep. While I don’t know exactly what happened, most likely it was that whatever was stunting his growth finally caught up to him.*

In memoriam to Lunchbox, I will be posting photos of Lunchbox that I hadn’t yet had a chance to share with you all. Ten days of photos, for the ten wonderful years I got to share with him.

I had already queued several dual tortle posts for today; since they go together as a set (as you’ll see), I will go ahead and post the Kirby ones as planned. Starting tomorrow, I will post a mix of old and new photos of Lunchbox.

Lunchbox, I hope you are swimming in a giant pond somewhere with rocks to sun on, a big old deck to run around on, nothing red in sight, and endless noms and sunlight.

* Lunchbox was a special needs turtle in many ways. He was extremely stunted (still 2.5 in long), he developed gout last summer, and he didn’t do well with deep water. Please don’t start yelling MBD: Lunchbox did not have metabolic bone disease. He got plenty of UV and was on a healthy diet at all times. His vet and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why Lunchbox had so many issues. We ended up concluding that Lunchbox must have had some sort of congenital metabolic disorder or other genetic condition.

Yesterday was quite a shock because we really thought that Lunchbox was finally getting better this year. His vet and I managed to get his gout under control by restricting his diet to solely ReptoMin pellets, with the occasional snack of romaine lettuce. Best of all, Lunchbox was growing a bit faster (although still much slower than a normal rate), and he was finally doing better with deeper water. I had been planning to get him a great big tank this summer if he had kept improving.

In short, Lunchbox was a very special little turtle. It was amazing that he made it past his tenth birthday, and I am thankful I got to share these 10.5 years with him.

Tthere aren’t any words to express how sad I am at this news. Just like with humans, sometimes our shells are born with health problems. He was lucky to have such a wonderful humom.  He is surely dominating a big pond somewhere and giving all the turts and torts that fantastic indifferent side eye. I hope he’s enjoying lots of noms. He may have been small, but his personality was big enough to fill an ocean. 

Thank you for sharing the awesomeness that is Lunchbox with us. Sending you and Kirby all the hugs and comforting thoughts I have.  

R.I.P Lunchbox. You will never be forgotten. 

<3 Zoya and humom


Koopa was not having any of this “bath time” business.

Koopa says Hell no! hah


Koopa was not having any of this “bath time” business.

Koopa says Hell no! hah


Koopa was not having any of this “bath time” business.

Koopa says Hell no! hah