What is the true longest-living life-form? Tortoises, whales, and trees are all likely to be the winners. However, some microscopic species are the answer for this. They have been alive since before humans even existed — that’s more than 200,000 years ago. Following is a transcript of the video.


If I was in any doubt as to whether reptiles feel some emotions, I’m not now! Woke up this afternoon (I work night shifts) to hear thunder and alarmingly close lightning. I had to leg it outside for the tortoise and found Mouse scuttling round in an absolute panic. She saw me, turned and legged it over to me as fast as her little legs could go. “Get me inside!” appeared to be her message lol. 🙂❤️🐢


Zoya pants the great! Ten years together. 

Happy Birthday, muffin I love you the most! <3 Humom 

Make that 11 years!  Happy Birthday, Zoya Pants!  

Its been a tough year for everyone… but today we are putting 2020 away and celebrating 11 years together and hopefully many more years to come. Zoya will update you all on her day of shellebration. I hear there will be cake and presents!