Look who came to visit today. Old tank mate Sheldon! Two years ago Sheldon moved out of the tank to live with his new mom. Actually, he stayed with Waffles for a week before he was able to make it to his forever home in Ottawa. I didn’t even know Waffles then! A couple of months later I left the tank to come live with mom and Waffles. Can you believe Sheldon was twice as big as Waffles and I was half the size of Waffles? I was so teeny! Anyways, I get to visit Sheldon a couple of times a year and we talk about the old days in our crummy old tank and have a nose bonk.

aww look at you! growing all big and strong! So glad you found your humom and shell siblings and that Sheldon found his own forever home. <3 <3 

First time turtle owner! I’m watching this little guy named Pants for 3 months. He makes me want my own!! 🌿🐢☀️

PANTS!!! that’s my name too! Zoya Pants that is. I don’t go in water like your new friend but we’re all really adorable and your heart will melt so many times in the next 3 months.. just wait till you see that neck stretch accompanied by a BIG YAWN. you’ll be putty in Pants hands (as you should be. good job Pants!)