Since its been so crazy cold, Zoya and I had a snuggle under  warm blankets while we waited for her extra heat bulb to arrive. She decided it was the perfect time to take some new #Shellebrity headshots. Now that she’s hit Hollywood she thinks she needs a more grown-up tort look. 😂🐢❤️❤️

It happened! Zoya on the big screen in New York City, Salt Lake City, and Hollywood! Everyone tune in tomorrow at 8/7c on the USA network for #PsychTheMovie!!!!! And keep that side eye out for the #PassThePineapple video featuring my favorite shell-ebrity (yeah I’m biased) Zoya Pants!!!

We can’t wait for it!!!

And here’s a clip sent to us by the most awesome @Esther9 who helped get a video with a location on it.. so the world can see Zoya pants takes Hollywood!