Sully. Admitted 6/27/2016. Weight: 59 lbs.

10/20/2016 Weight: 68 lbs!

Juvenile Loggerhead found swimming behind a rock ledge on Sullivan’s Island. Diagnosed with Debilitated Turtle Syndrome. Had poor bloodwork, was severely emaciated, and had been entangled in fishing line.

Treatments: Antibiotics, vitamins, clean tank water, nutritious food, and time.

(Sully was sleeping; the turtles like to put their heads in enclosed spaces for protection, that tube is there for that and is part of their enrichment!)

Aww sleep well Sully,  we hope you’re getting better and will get back to your home in the ocean asap. 


Magoo, a permanent resident at SC Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital despite non being a sea turtle.

Magoo is a Gopher Tortoise, which is a threatened species and is native to the Southeast United States. They live in the longleaf pine ecosystem and dig burrows 10 feet deep and 30-50 feet long.

Magoo was hit by a car while crossing a Florida road, and suffered from carapace fractures. The injury also caused blindness and resulted in the non-releasable status.

Current Treatments: Daily soaks, daily walks outside, healthy salads.

(… pretty fast for a blind tortoise, all of my pictures were blurry except for the one where he(?) is chilling in a hole)

Incredible work by the Sea Turtle Hospital! 

Oh hey, Magoo? I know you can’t see, but I promise you are one beautiful shell.