The Night Before Tortmas

Twas the night before Tortmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Okay maybe a mouse

The stockings were hung

by the chimney with care

With pictures of snowmen, pine trees,

And even a teddy bear

Frankie was nestled

All snug in her log

Dreaming of climbing

And a wormy filled bog

The humans in bed

And the dog beast dream twitching

No one’s sleep was disturbed

By uncomfortable itching

But out in the living room

Arose such a clatter

Frankie sprang from her log

To see what was the matter

Well, less of a spring

And more of a crawl

For a turtle all cold and lethargic’s

Not the fastest of all

Frankie craned her long neck

To get more of a view

For unexpected guests so late at night

Was something quite odd and quite new

When what to her wondering

Eyes did appear

A massive grey tortoise

In a hat dangling past its ears

Despite the chill

Of the yuletide snow

It looked very warm

Not like Frankie, all slow

Its neck was quite long

Reaching up to the tank

Its legs were like pillars

Into the carpet they sank

All over its shell

And up it’s long neck

Was a warm looking coat

Quite fuzzy, oh heck!

With a little quick thought

In a manner quite short

It dawned on her mind

This must be Santa Tort!

Friend to all creatures

The big and the meek

Who bear a strong shell

As well as a beak!

His ancient faced smiled

And now Frankie felt warm

Like she was standing on top

Of a sun-baked platform

Frankie settled in

Her night now not bleak

As Santa Tort smiled

And started to speak

“Winter is hard

For reptiles you see

We often take shelter

In mud and below trees

While the furred ones have fun

Running round and about

We cold blooded creatures

Feel often left out

So one day a year

I come visit you folk

To bring you good cheer

In tanks and under oaks

It may not be much

A little kind act

But the winter is long

And that is a fact

A light in the dark

Some joy I can bring

To warm your little heart

Till the bright days of spring.“

With that he reached over

In a little red bag

With the swiftness of deer

Not a second he lagged

With a shrug of his shoulder

And a flick of his claw

Something landed in Frankie’s dish

As she stared on in awe

With that Tort was gone

He went out in a flash

Trailing bits from the fireplace

Some soot and some ash

And so Frankie the tortoise

Found her Christmas quite merry

For waiting in her food bowl

Was a fresh picked strawberry

We read our favorite christmas eve bed time story, written by the amazing @turtlessuggest and Zoya snuggled up in her log with her head facing her tree.  Any minute now Santa tort will be here! 


Special delivery arrived from Ottawa today! Friend Diane sent us a cactus feast to cheer up all the snowy, cold weather. Mango decided to eat hers in bed and Torty ate hers under her log. I was feeling a little more festive though.

Waffles! You must have been so good this year to get such a feast!  Hop in the sleigh and come share that with MEEEEE!