Quarantine diaries: day 26…7?… I can’t count that high humans!

I may not be able to count that high but I sure can climb and jump! I was worried human had forgotten so I spent some time in the garden reminding her. Ya know, between snacking and basking. Not a bad day, for me anyway! Humom gets a little nervous about some of my parkour moves.. its ok ma! 

Quarantine Diaries: Day 21

If quarantine has taught this tortoise anything it’s that we should be extra nice to our earth. It brings us noms, gives us places to dig big holes, things to stomp on, and the best sun puddles to nap in!

Let’s live every day like it’s earth day! If we treat her nice she’ll be nice back. Trust me I’m a tortoise. I know things!

Quarantine Diaries Day 7

Human and I have been setting aside a certain amount of time each day for exercise. In fact, when the sun came out today I was so excited I started my work out early! My form is a bit off after a long winter but I’ll be back in shape in no time! I mean, check out this form!

ETA: don’t point out the poop I’m spreading on the wall to mom k?

thlpp replied to your video post: “Not all shells hate bathtime, Henry seems pretty pleased to be at the…”:

Henry, can you tell Pebble that bath time isn’t some kind of torture? Please?

@thlpp I showed this to Zoya and she just huffed at me. Does pebble do the ‘Tortie Treadmill’ too? I call it that because she tries to escape but ends up just running in place haha 

These horsfieldi (russian) torts! They are damn headstrong. They will only go their own way…which is apparently up things, into things, and not in the bath LOL!