It’s been almost seven years since I got this dork. He was so happy when we took him from a woodchip filled vivarium to a proper table with soil substrate, and he has enriched our lives so much. I got him a dandelion flower for his birthday. Can’t believe he’s turning ten already! They grow up so fast. ;’) 

Happy birthday Fitzy!!!

Happy Birthday, Fitzy!!!

I’m so happy you found a forever home with humans willing ti give you the care you need to grow happy and healthy! It’s incredible what a difference proper husbandry makes.  Heres to another 10 years!

Friends! Have you seen the adorable pancake tortoises  @courtnashe  has shared with us? Well, she has created an incredibly well-researched care sheet for those looking to care for Pancake tortoises!

Pancake Tortoise Care Sheet

Finding a quality care sheet based on well-researched information and experience is vital to raising a happy and healthy tort. Check this care sheet out and share it with anyone caring for or looking to care for pancake tortoises!

In related news: 

We are starting a master list of quality care sheets! There’s an incredible amount of bad information out there on how to care for turtles and torts and sadly that information seems to be what’s most accessible and most frequently put in the hands of first-time owners.  So, let’s band together and create a place where you can find quality care sheets on as many species of turtles and tortoises as possible!  

If you know of a quality, thorough, and well-researched care sheet for a particular species of turtle or tortoise send them along! We’re trying to verify the quality of information of everything we put on the list so all input is helpful. If you’re interested in helping out with this project, please message as well!

(via The Hocking Hills Animal Clinic Facebook Page)

Wildlife rehabbers and vets don’t generally get follow up reports and most will tell you they prefer it that way. That makes the discovery by a vet at The Hocking Hills Animal Clinic in Ohio that much more amazing.  

Years after treating a wild box turtle that had been hit by a car,  repairing its cracked shell with fiberglass and rehabbing it till It was strong enough for release, she encountered a familiar pattern in the leaves while on a hillside walk. 

Looking down she immediately knew it was her old patient! The injured box turtle was alive and well and had grown up quite a bit since their last meeting. She immediately shared the images on the clinics Facebook. Gotta love a happy ending for a dedicated vet and a tough shell friend. 😀


(Via KVOA Tucson

A kind human was off-roading in the desert when he noticed something unusual down an old abandoned mine shaft, an endangered desert tortoise! The shaft was aprox. 20 ft deep and 30 ft wide with walls too steep for him to reach the tortoise safely, so he contacted the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) with GPS coordinates and directions to the mine.

Given how deep the mine was, the AZGFD’s wildlife management waited till morning and headed out to rescue the tortoise. Using an extension ladder, repelling ropes, and determination, they were able to reach this little guy and carry him out of the mine!

He was incredibly dehydrated and emaciated and unfortunately unfit to be released into the wild on the spot. His rescuers gave him a good soak and brought him back to be cared for through the winter months. Rumor has it he’s gaining weight like a champ, getting all the spoils he deserves after that scary trip down the mine.

(Via Arizona Game and Fish Department Facebook)  

The tortoise was extremely dehydrated and very emaciated, he had been in there for quite a while. We immediately soaked him in the field, but after looking at him closely, we found he was extremely light, had scarring on his legs, a swollen joint on his back leg, and had worn down his front toenails to nothing. We made the determination if we released him he probably would not make it through the winter. It was already late fall, he was in very poor shape, and he would never be able to gain sustenance so late in the fall. With his front toenails completely gone, he probably would not be able to even dig a burrow in time to get out of the winter weather season; so we are rehabilitating him through the winter. He is recuperating nicely, to date he has gained almost a pound in weight and is eating regularly.

Incredible work by this good samaritan and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Thanks to them we lost one less desert tortoise this past year. 

Hello! My name is Hershel I’m a baby Greek tortoise and I was adopted yesterday and brought home since I’m a baby I sleep 90% of the time the other 10% is eating and pooping my mom has to soak me twice a day in Lukewarm water to keep me hydrated. I met my sister Jessiah she’s much more outgoing than I am and she scares me but I hope one day to be close with her.

Hello Hershel!!  welcome to your forever home and to tortblr!

Sleeping a lot is good, humans always say they need their ‘beauty sleep’ and well, we’re SO much cuter than they are so clearly we need a lot more sleep! You’re doing a good job with that already. Hydration is very important, especially this time of year. Please don’t tell my human that you behave so well in the bath. She’ll start expecting me to do the same (NOPE).  

Your sister Jessiah is quite the looker too! She has that shell-model pose. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be roaming around and causing trouble together. You’ll also grow bigger and stronger and start demanding noms and pooping in protest (human says I’m a bad influence.. pshaw)

Most important, you found yourself a fantastic human that cares about you SO much and is gonna make sure you are healthy and happy just like your sister! Keep being adorable! We expect updates on your growth and welcome you as part of the #turtpocalypse!

A cold-stunned sea turtle, rescued by Mass Audobon volunteers, has been discovered to have only one lung.  

Only about 2-3 years old, it was being checked for pneumonia when the abnormality was discovered. 

The aquarium says being born with one lung is an extremely rare medical condition for a vertebrate, and this turtle dramatically defied the odds to live this long.

The little guy is under the care of the New England Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital and they are hopeful it will be released into the ocean eventually. 

This time of year is critical for volunteers and staff at the sea turtle hospital.

The annual sea turtle stranding season occurs in November and December on Cape Cod. Mass Audubon volunteers and staff search the beaches for cold-stunned turtles.

More great work by the Sea Turtle Hospital and all the volunteers that comb the beaches for distressed sea turtles.  Sending all our good luck to this little guy, who has already proven he’s one tough shell 🙂  

(Via AP & WCVB news

@his-ladyship-thefangirl replied to your photo: “Meet Gamagorath! My boyfriend and i rescued him from an idiot who…”:

Thank you all so much. Just an update, he’s doing well. I’ve been feeding him tiny shrimp and he loves them! Also he’s eating the baby turtle pellets I got, so he’s getting plenty of calcium now as well as protein. I moved him to a larger tub, and I am getting him into a proper tank this weekend. That way he can really swim around and grow big and strong before we release him. I’m also going to try and find a vet in the area. I have contacted a wildlife shelter to see what they say.

yay! So glad to hear it. please keep us updated 😀

Meet Gamagorath! My boyfriend and i rescued him from an idiot who picked him up in the wild and wanted to keep him. Unfortunately, he had been in captivity for four months, without any sources of food besides green vegetables (I do know snappers need insects as well). I’m in over my head here… I don’t know what to do. I want to release him but he’s very small and I want to fatten him up but winter is coming… any advice you have would be of great help! Love your blog. We humbly request your guidance Zoya
PS his full name is Gamagorath eater of souls. He will be a great warrior of the turtpocalypse

Hello! Gamagorath and human friends!!! Thanks for messaging us! Zoya appreciates your kind words, she’s happy to know others see the greatness she sees when she looks in the mirror heeheee 

Wow you are one gorgeous little one aren’t you, Garmagorath! He is probably very thankful to be out of the hands of that kidnapper! Way to rescue him! Its so sad that people think they have the right to just snatch an animal from its habitat for their own amusement. Its simply not ok. Ever.   

So, my instinct is to get that little one back to his habitat. That’s my instinct, but we don’t have any real experience with snapping turtles and unfortunately can’t say for sure that its safe after 4 months in captivity. I would think that Garmagorath is young enough that he might be able to integrate just fine, but I’m hoping some of the turtle/ snapper experts here on reptiblr can give you some better advice! 

We do know that snapping turtle care is very detailed, not at all ‘easy’ (no turtle or tortoise care is really easy..), getting their diet and husbandry right is vital to their health and survival. Also? They grow pretty large and need to be handled appropriately (cause they’re snappers! snap those fingers look like noms!)  

Here is a care sheet from the Chicago Exotic Vet Hospital.  We can’t verify how great the info is here but we’ve heard good things about the hospitals work with turtles and torts so its the closest to a reputable care sheet I’m able to give you.

Again we’re not snapper experts (we do think they’re awesome but sadly heart eyes aren’t the expertise you need! ha). I’d say, if at all possible, return your new friend to the wild (he’ll tell all his snapper friends how awesome you and your boyfriend are and you’ll definitely be on the right side of the turtpocalypse!) Keep checking this post and hopefully some of the awesome folks with snapper experience will have better/ more detailed advice for you! 

How about it, reptiblr, anyone with snapper experience that can help Gamagorath and his human rescuers out??


What’s the best part of volunteering?

“Seeing the animals get a better homes.”
Susan: Volunteer at The Redlands Animal Shelter photographed with a tortoise
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