This little broham here adopted my pond last week >3< he so cute. He’s a grumpy little guy, he’s always lookin at me like he doesn’t trust me, and he thinks he’s all tough and scary. Totally. Much scare, do bite, don’t heck. But I like him.
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If you pond, they will come…and then it will be theirs and you better ask permission before entering their zone. I mean, you get to look at that gorgeous face regularly so, clearly a win for you! 

p.s. I also enjoy a shell friend with an attitude far larger than their being. I used to tell Zoya that when she caused trouble, she really took that to heart 






my turtle goes trick-r-treating


Well a turtle just won the entire internet’s Halloween costume contest, everyone else can go home. 😀

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Whoa!!! You’ve got the world on your shoulders.. that means you’ve got ALL THE NOMS on your back!!! 


This is one of the best aquatic turtle enclosures I have ever seen. While it seems over the top, everything present is necessary for happy, healthy turtles. At least 100 gallons of water, filter, heater, basking lamp, UV light, haul out area, and dry land. If all aquatic turtles were kept this way I’d never see any because they would rarely get sick.

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This is fantastic!


A female Res inspects her eggs:)

When a female is gravid, or carrying eggs, you will need to provide an appropriate nesting area so she can lay them properly. A female RES can be gravid without the presence of a male and the eggs will not be fertilized. She can still be gravid if mating was unsuccessful. You can gently feel for eggs between the carapace and in front of her rear legs. Be very gentle and careful because there is a possibility of breaking the eggs. She will instinctively want to create a nest and lay a clutch of eggs. A clutch may contain over twenty eggs for a healthy, full-grown female. If environmental conditions are right, she may lay around 3 or 4 clutches in a season.

A female RES in an aquarium would show signs of wanting to nest by becoming very restless and exhibiting a lot of digging motions with her hind legs and will frantically try to get out of the tank. She may bask more during this time and additional calcium and UVB rays should be provided. A nest area is very important for her to lay her eggs naturally. If she does not lay her eggs, she might lay eggs in the water or retain them, which would cause egg binding. If the turtle has laid one or two eggs in the water, you still need to provide a nesting area. It is likely that the entire clutch was not laid and she is still gravid.