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Run turtle, run …
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Assess your worth, deems you unworthy, and moves along quickly. The way of the tortoise. 


Big-headed Turtle Conservation and Propagation at the Turtle Survival Center

is a banner year at the Turtle Survival Center, in Fort Worth, TX,

for Asian Big-headed turtle
(Platysternon megacephalum) reproduction!

On 23 September 2016, the TSC
team welcomed 8 more hatchlings from two different pairs of adults. This
is the second year in a row hatching this species at the TSC! 

Turtle Survival Alliance)


Today was the day! I placed Smol in a little box and presented it to my mum, with a cheerful “Happy Birthday!”

She was confused, and looked slightly disappointed at the jewellery box I handed her (she makes her own jewellery and doesn’t need anyone else’s input there!)

She opened the box and SQUEALED “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOOOOOD!!” and burst into tears. I’ve never seen someone react to a present like this! I felt so proud to be able to make her so happy!!

I told mum all about Smol and how she loves clover, she gets startled by things near her face, she loves having the sides of her shell brushed during a bath,she makes a cute little squeaking noise sometimes… And she sobbed and cuddled this little girl and picked a dandelion leaf for her. Smol ran around the living room floor with the leaf hanging from her mouth. She zoomed about, barging shoes out of the way and doing tortoise things.

Mum confessed that she thought we had rats in the loft. Dad had told her it was Azazel knocking things about when he slithered round his viv. I told her it was my curtains blowing in the breeze and catching the lamp I have over by the vivaria. In reality it was Smol trundling round and bashing things out of the way!

I can’t believe I managed to keep her secret for two weeks, and how happy mum is to have her. Mum has given her the name “Muti” because of her lil mutant she’ll and toes! But our pets tend to acquire a long list of names anyway, so we’ll see what her full title becomes.

This is the best story! Humom and I are teary eyed. All the love for Smol and your mom are so full of love. It’s a win win. <3 


What in the world was he thinking! Lol!! Listen to Nicolas make a funny sound as he was playing “Hide and Go Seek”. #Sulcata #Tortoise #Trashcan #DumpsterDiving #FoundNewHouse #Tunnel #Cave


Grown up Sulcata knows you’re no match for him.