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tortoise on tortoise BOOP!


I would like to introduce you all to my three week old baby brother, Teddy! He is exactly one year younger than me, we both share the same hatch day of 12th August! Our mummy’s name is Maggie.

Teddy is going to live in Kent with my hoooman’s God Daughter, you may have seen some photos of her on my Instagram, her name is Cousin Ruby. She is going to take extra special care of Teddy! I hope to visit him lots as he grows up.

Look how tiny Teddy is! He 16g and I am 93.4g, I can’t believe I used to be that small! He’s only just bigger than the £2 coin!

Awww Toby your little brother is adorable! You and teddy make the most shelltastic family photo!

Today’s #TBT is an important life lesson for all the younger shells out there: The grass is always greener on the other side (but you can’t nom it so who cares!)

Listen up youngins I’ve got a story to tell you…

Once upon a time humom and I spent some time living with auntie @mymuffintopiswholegrainlofat and cousin chairman meow.  He’s a fun cousin, we both like treats and heat lamps and naps. But there was a little problem. I was jealous. Every time we’d hang out he would tell me everyone loved his glorious fur, and roll on his belly to show me. I wanted to be glorious too but I had no fur! No fair!  I had to get some!

So one day, when humom wasn’t looking, I snuck into the kitchen and collected all the tufts of fur cousin CM had left behind. I could be furry too! And I was! you can see it in the picture!

Unfortunately, the excitement of my newly acquired fur did not last long. No one said I was glorious, humom said I was silly! And being furry might get you compliments but it also gets you LOTS OF EXTRA LONG BATHS! WHAT? he didn’t tell me that!! ARGH!  *hmph*. Being furry was no fun.

After my bath (trying to escape from humom before, during and after) and a little time thinking (sulking ) I realized that being furry might not be for me and my shell is pretty glorious too, even without fur. It was an important moment. I now know that chairman meow and I are both glorious in different ways and this means I can avoid getting an extra long bath AND we can combine our gloriousness to get the humans to do whatever we want 😀

The End