My Tortoise Project for Valentine’s Day

My Tortoise Project for Valentine’s Day


Sooo, here it is.

You all must have heard about the project I was making for Valentine’s Day.

As a present for my boyfriend, I wanted to make a special photo album. Since he is a turtle and tortoise lover just like me, this year I had something special in mind – photos of torts and turtles from all around the world, with our names next to them!

So, I contacted many lovely people from Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit (and one zoo!) and asked them to write SALE + VALE (my and my bf’s nicknames), their tort’s name and their location on a piece of paper, and take a photo of their shelled friend next to it!


Needless to say I was sooo thrilled with all the wonderful replies I have got! So many pictures of lovely shell babies, from so many different countries, so many kind internet friends I made and who were ready to help a stranger from another part of the globe – you guys really made this Valentine’s Day the most special one for me yet!

So, here is a photo album with all the photos I got. You can see it on the link above – and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! <3

Here are my special thanks for these lovely people:

@fluffandstuffs @esmechanwantsacookie @scottpvaughn @alihfield @kuguchiclan @maltascapes @ball-jointed-bogsneak @danikaphantom @prettylittle–baby @trinhyy45 @ethereal-lana @jonobondisdagtar @kittyichooseyou @pomp-adourable @thebabyabe @thor-toise @mysticiolite @demuns @wetleak @inbl0om @thewhimsyturtle @theunknownjay @wafflesworld @tripperfunsters @beckwillspets @coolpupmom @zhis616 @dragonsandgayvampires @g00dxvibessx @thlpp @anne-fine @the-awkward-turt @sadtimesinthehood37 @for-the-outliers @chilangwrites @tortoiseslippers @turtally-lorenzo @mitosis-jones @joeythetortoise @theninjaicebear @theshadlekoffs @tort-time @neopiandreams @ray-116 @cephaloplod

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines! Give your shell babies some nice flowers for me ^___^ <3 <3 <3

in case you missed it earlier, check out the awesome @obscure-kitten’s valentines day project! There has never been a book with so many shell-ebrities in the history of books!


This is Eddie.

Eddie is a wild boy that wondered into my boyfriend’s garden and proclaimed it as his. So, now he has his own little fenced space where he lives happily, munching his clovers and dandelions.

He likes to take walks around our big yard, like a king exploring his little kingdom. I’m not sure about his age – we’ve ben told he’s about 15, but I think he might be much older. Look at what has that beautiful shell been through!

He’s a Testudo Hermanni, and currently we’re looking for a girl for our big boy! ^_^ ❤

hmm.. is there a tortie dating app? or something like that? 

Humom is still recovering from her trip to Cuba; that’s where she went. I guess it’s where my human grandpa was born.
Anyway, she keeps trying to tell me stories of her adventures and saying how much she missed me. I guess I missed her too, it was the longest we’ve ever been apart, but man are her stories long and boring…

Dodging Mammoths

Dodging Mammoths


Before computers, before roads, before cities, and farming, language and indeed even while we were still burning ourselves trying to control fire, the gopher tortoise was here, burrowing in the sandy soils of a Florida that was nearly three times as big as it is today.