(Tweet and Photo via Jen Moore @DrReptilia )


Why does this matter? The wetlands are home to a whole range plants and animals, like this amazing spotted turtle!  They provide us with fresh water, food control, they reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions! That’s right, nature gave us its own buffer to weather events like hurricanes, floods, and droughts!

Sadly, nature didn’t count on the level of mess we’d make. The number of wetlands are decreasing at a frighteningly fast rate! This hurts turtles, tortoises, fish, birds and humans!

What can  WE do?

  • Communities can adopt long-term sustainability practices!
  • Support conservation policy!

What can YOU do?

  • You can either organize or join a wetland clean-up activity.
  • Use water carefully and avoid toxic products from entering into wetlands.
  • Participate or encourage others to conserve wetlands.

Happy #WorldWetlandsDay! let’s do something to support our wetlands today (and every day).