Hello! My name is Hershel I’m a baby Greek tortoise and I was adopted yesterday and brought home since I’m a baby I sleep 90% of the time the other 10% is eating and pooping my mom has to soak me twice a day in Lukewarm water to keep me hydrated. I met my sister Jessiah she’s much more outgoing than I am and she scares me but I hope one day to be close with her.

Hello Hershel!!  welcome to your forever home and to tortblr!

Sleeping a lot is good, humans always say they need their ‘beauty sleep’ and well, we’re SO much cuter than they are so clearly we need a lot more sleep! You’re doing a good job with that already. Hydration is very important, especially this time of year. Please don’t tell my human that you behave so well in the bath. She’ll start expecting me to do the same (NOPE).  

Your sister Jessiah is quite the looker too! She has that shell-model pose. Don’t worry, soon you’ll be roaming around and causing trouble together. You’ll also grow bigger and stronger and start demanding noms and pooping in protest (human says I’m a bad influence.. pshaw)

Most important, you found yourself a fantastic human that cares about you SO much and is gonna make sure you are healthy and happy just like your sister! Keep being adorable! We expect updates on your growth and welcome you as part of the #turtpocalypse!