Hello everyone
I know its been awhile but Season greeting from your main man Freddy. Today we got a bit festive and my owners took me to see this very odd thing today. Was a lot of fun got to rumpled around all over the place and enjoy the warm weather before the big storm came in. Met a lot of great people and got to see a big fountain .Along with a giant christmas tree i kept trying to climb into .
To all my friends happy tortly holidays and a happy rompy new years

Freddy!! Looking good! what did you ask santa to bring? DId you go to the north pole? I hear its cold there! Best to stay where the dandies grow!


Tito and Nico who are always together.

Double #Troublemakingtuesday is twice the trouble but it’s also twice the fun!

Does anyone remember the ‘My Buddy’ and ‘Kid Sister’ dolls from the 80s? Every time I see pictures of Tito and Nico I hear the jingle in my head… “My buddy and ME!”  😍