Cleopatra è la tartaruga di alcuni amici; ogni tanto mi chiedono di andare a nutrire/tenere compagnia al cane, Tobia, e la Cleo ogni volta non si trova mai prima che loro partano.
Allora mi dicono “hey senti se la trovi mettila nel recinto!” E io “okay!” [ That means Chissà dove cazzo è sta tartaruga!] E te va, entro in cortile e questa mi fa pure servizio accoglienza, ma che cuore❤🐢
Ciao Cleoooo

Is there anything better than an excited tortoise running up to greet you. 😍  nope. the answer is nope. 

loose translation:

“Cleopatra is m friends tortoise. Every now and they they ask me to care for their dog, Tobia, and cleo the tortoise who is always missing! They always tell me “hey, can you keep an eye out for Cleo” Then I go in the yard and am met with this greeting…



Ignore my derpy voice. Irwin is just being extra curious tonight so I stuck some rocket on the roof of her stick hut to see if she’d climb for it (we’ve not mastered climbing and stretching on those back leggies yet) but alas, Irwin gives no fucks.

So Curious!! Curious tort is my favorite kind of tort! 

btw…Don’t tell Zoya but sometimes, when she can’t go outside for exercise, I put her noms in places like this so she has to work for them heeee. Reeeeeaaaaccch!


Stephanie with a Sulcata tortoise, the largest mainland tortoise in Africa. 

Sulcata tortoise, also known as African spurred tortoise, can be found in the southern parts of the Sahara. The Sulcata tortoise inhabits deserts, dry savannas and hot, arid areas.

Let’s learn about Sulcata Torts! The torts that ram things best!