Meet Tripod, the three legged tortoise looking for a forever home! 

(via Northern Arizona Gazette)

Tripod had a rough go around with a dog leaving him with severe injuries. Thanks to the vets at the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, a lengthy surgery to amputate a front leg, and lots of rehabilitation, he’s recovered and ready for adoption!

Tripod’s story has a happy ending but that’s not always the case when it comes to encounters between tortoises and dogs. Many don’t realize that tortoise shells have a similar scent to raw hide and that makes them seem like prime chomping material.

“When this tortoise was brought into the veterinary clinic, the damage was so severe that it’s left front leg needed to be immediately amputated,” said Tegan Wolf, AZGFD Tortoise Adoption Program coordinator. “Tripod has since recovered nicely and gets around perfectly fine on three legs.”

As you can see, Tripod is back to dominating all the land he stomps on. He and many other desert tortoises, of varying ages, are in need of forever homes as part of Arizona’s desert tortoise conservation efforts. These tortoises are unable to be released into the wild but have long lives to lives to live.

Adopters need to have a securely enclosed yard or separate enclosure in their yard, free from potential hazards such as a dog, fire pit or unfenced pool. The enclosed area must include an appropriate shelter for the tortoise to escape Arizona’s extreme summer and winter temperatures.

If you live in the Arizona area and have the ability to commit to ~40 years of love and care, Tripod or one of his desert tortoise friends might be waiting for you! Check out more at the Arizona Game and Fish Department here:


When you’re alone on a Saturday night and crave affection

Zoya would like to weigh in on your questions, @mylivingphantasy . I’ll type for her since she tends to get dirt in between the keys when she does it herself. 

She says she recognizes you. you look like a human.


The best way to show your tortoise you love him is to give him noms. Yep. That’s the way to say ‘I love you’ in tortoise. Head skritches are ok too, but NOMS! 


She’s sure your shell friend loves you back as long as you provide a steady stream of quality noms. If you want, she’ll give you a snuggle but you have to sit next to the flowers…she swears she has no ulterior motives (this human says she’s lying). 


Lastly, she wants you to know that it’s ok. Don’t feel ashamed, her human is also alone and translating her own tortoise’s side eyes into comments to post on Tumblr. 



Jasper is training her dragon to be a member of the Neighbourhood Watch 

You is MY Boyfriend Godzilla!  I’m bigger than you and what I say goes!!!


Murphy Abrams thought what better way to learn about how to train a
dragon than to watch Game of Thrones. Murphy wishes to be the brother of

Learning to ride dragons is fun! Rawr!
❤️Pickles da p’let

Batman totally knows how to tame a dragon. Here we see a true Mother of Dragons.

Turns out dragon training might not be Kirabi’s strong suit so instead
the dragon seems to tame her. Or maybe she’s just playing along and
planning something sneaky. 

Moses believes all creatures should exist on equal terms so he rather
takes a nap with a dragon instead of trying to tame it and force it into

These dragon trainers are on point!