Turtle Conservancy:

of our proudest achievements…hatching the poorly understood Padloper
(Homopus areolatus) at our conservation center.

These animals were once imported by
the hundreds but almost all died as these animals are some of the most
fragile in the world and do not make good captives. They are native to
very specific Fynbos and Karoo habitat in South Africa.

(a baby is pictured)

Fragile species with a fierce soul. Congratulations @turtletweets !! You do great work.


Everyone seemed to love Henry, so I thought I’d give him a photoset. 🐢

Of course everyone loves Henry! Look at that long neck, that head first into the water bowl move, the EPIC jaw and ready for action stance… Henry is a fine tort, you should be proud. 

I bet he can cause all kinds of trouble when he wants to hehe


I am unconditionally in love with these guys already. Theyre suprisingly affecionate and funny with distinct little personalities.

Tortoise-sitting is the greatest. I will be devistated giving these guys back on Tuesday.

YAY! Clearly you’ve been a good tortoise-sitter. They don’t share their personalities with just anyone. You’re on the right side of the #Turtpocalypse now. Take this knowledge and go forth proclaiming the awesomeness of tortoises! 

It’s #givingtuesday and every year we try to feature organizations doing good work to help our shell friends in need! Whether from rescue rehab and release to conserving their habitats, there are so many people working hard to make sure  turtles and tortoises are around for generations to come.

So if you are able, spare some change to help the cause. If you can’t (and we know how that goes) why not look for volunteer opportunities at one of these organizations or simply spread the word! 

This year we’ve compiled a small list of some of the great organizations that could use some help. It’s in no way comprehensive, so please feel free to add info on any rescues or organizations you know of and spread the word!

Let’s give the #turtpocalypse a helping hand this #givingtuesday