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Hello and thank you for your advice! We’ll be sure…

Hi There! Of course! Happy to try and help a shell human in need and see if any other tortblr folks have suggestions (lots of great tortoise people here on tumblr)  🙂 there are some other suggestions in the notes of your post that might help identify the issue. Soaks are generally a good plan for all issues and might help you get started.  If temps are warm enough in the basking spot (and you get that you need a gradient so that’s great) I’d say, you have UVB right? I’d guess you do if you understand the need for a gradient.  That’s vital obviously, but the bulbs can loose their UVB over time. @thewhimsyturtle has had some great advice about that.  If that’s not the issue it may be lighting ( see @dragonheart66 awesome response). Humidity could be an issue. If it’s too dusty and stuff is getting in your torts eyes it can cause issues too. wetting down the substrate regularly is helpful for that.

It’s not easy to find an exotic vet these days but if you feel comfortable sharing you general location I can see what I. An find and maybe someone has a suggestion. Also, a fecal sample is generally a good idea. I know your tort is older so he isn’t necessarily exposed to worms but they are sneaky little suckers and can show up out of the blue and cause the strangest issues. They can flare up due to anything from temp issues to too much sugar in their diet (even sugary veggies). They are treatable if caught early and not that expensive for the rest or the treatment. Might not be an issue at all but doesn’t hurt to check.

Anyway, I would check back on the post and see if anyone else had suggestions. And please keep us updated on his health (Send pics too! The human half of us likes to see all the gorgeous torts out there). 

Take care! Shell hugs!

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I need help guys


My family tortoise has been acting strange lately; He just doesn’t open his eyes. He’s a Greek land tortoise and he’s 11 years old.

He walks around his terrarium and whatnot but he just won’t open his eyes?

We took him to a vet who said he was perfectly healthy, no runny nose, no runny ears, no swelling, he’s strong and healthy and has good reaction reflexes but he just won’t open his eyes. 

Does any reptile-havers know why he does this?

Hey! First things first! What are your temps like? Humidity? Is he hibernating?

I definitely recommend LOTS of extra warm soaks. Dehydration is a huge issue and that could help with some of the immediate issues.. but that won’t identify and deal with any underlying issue.

Is your vet an exotics specialist? This is very important. General vets just don’t tend to have the training needed to deal with specific issues related to torts. Did he/she take a fecal sample? This is important too..

Chime in if you have more advice!