proper red eared slider care


not to sound like a bitch who is telling you what to do with your pet… but i wanna let everyone know that your turtle should be in water that is the depth of 3x his entire body lenght from head to tip of tail. they love swimming in large ponds so 3-6 incheas of water isnt going to cut it, the more the better. I have been seeing too many pictures of res’ lately with just 2 inches of water. thats a big no no. you want a healthy turtle but also a HAPPY TURTLE. They feel the safest when they are swimming fully submerged in water. Thats why they jump into water when people approach them during basking. Anyways thats all for tonights rant. If you arent sure about your turtle care and want to ask questions please feel free to send me an ask. Nothing makes me happier than informing people on the proper care of turtle ( im not a freak i promise) 🙂