Hello, friendly seniors!How can I help you today, Stegosaurus?This thing called Google knows the answer to every question ever!Type anything into the box, and the Google tells you everything you could possibly want to know!We are making excellent progress on the Tortpocalypse!PIggyback ride time!I feel so tall!Hanging out with seniors is so much fun!Have you helped a senior today?I vote more seniors hangouts from now on!


This week’s Tortie Scouts are helping seniors!

I helped the seniors in our house by showing them how to use these new-fangled contraptions called tablets. Afterwards, the friendly seniors gave me piggyback rides!

Kirby! You’re so good at helping!

What a pretty shield you have, ami Cap!Do you think ami Cap would let me try on his shield, Mommy?The back of this shield looks like it would fit perfectly on my shell!Oh my goodness, ami Cap said yes!Watch out, bad guys!  Captain Kirby is on the loose!Hang on, what's under this couch?Why can't I fit?!Captain Kirby is momentarily distracted.Hmm...I think I need a bigger shield to help me get under this couch...Perfect!  A giant Cap shield!


Adventures with gckaf!

Meeting two different Captain America’s at once was very exciting, especially when I got to try on a shield! But I couldn’t help being distracted by something under the couch. Maybe friend gckaf’s handmade life-size Cap shield will help me get under the couch!