im PISSED i havent gotten a SINGLE “happy mothers day” from ANYONE do yall KNOW how fucking difficult it is to raise a tortoise??? i am a turtle mother and deserve respect on this mothers day.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I *DO* know how hard it is to raise a tortoise. All our respect. Well mine. Zoya made me a fresh poop for mothers day… and I said aww.. cause apparently I’m continuing to fuel her “everything I do is amazing” complex.

I mean.. it kinda is.. but still…



Today I was putting away groceries when I looked out my kitchen window and saw this guy crawling across my patio. I went out to greet him and he immediately turned towards me and ran over! He seemed a lot like a lost puppy who was just happy to finally find someone after getting lost lol. So he’s currently being pampered while we search for his possible family. He is way too friendly to not be someone’s pet so hopefully we find his home but if not we will make sure he is in the best most capable hands.
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