Someone was a bad tort during outside time today. We have to do a bit of pet shaming now. Sorry Zoya, you know the rules. 

 Let this be a PSA to all, spring is here and, had we been someplace where I didn’t know what was growing this could have been a humom panic moment. Be careful! Our shells are sneaky and we don’t want them to eat anything they shouldn’t.

oh and please note, we picked FIVE DANDIES! FIVE! and she still got to eat them when we went inside. 

In which Zoya gets in big big trouble and has to have a time out.

So! While Zoya was out in the garden this weekend, while we tested out our live streaming Garden Cam, Zoya decieded to show the world (and humom) a new trick. I asked her,

“What are you gonna do now? Who will feed you if you escape”.

In true teen tortoise form she just continued to show me how strong she is till I had to snatch her up and bring her in for a time out. GROUNDED. I’ve added the music I think she hears in her head while she does this. I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s wearing a leather jacket.