Hey guys,

I never post non-tortoise related posts here but I thought I’d share this funny story with you all.. 

That last video post was flagged by Tumblr for sexually explicit content. I had to appeal to get it back. I have no idea why but hey, I guess Turtles and Tortoises are too sexy for tumblr. Don’t show them any of those leggies we’ve shared here in the past. 



“Tortoises are boring! They don’t show affection like other animals do!” 

This is what I was told by several people upon getting Sheldon over a year ago. Since then, I’ve discovered that’s simply not true.

When I go over to his table in the morning and talk to him, he turns his head to to my voice and he’ll come stomping over to the side of the table I’m standing at and stretch out his neck to see me. 

When I handle him, he’ll come out of his shell to look around, and sometimes let me gently pet the top of his head with my fingertip, but with a stranger he’ll hide tightly in his shell until they put him down. 

When he hears me on my laptop at night, he’ll scratch and scratch at the corner of his table closest to my bed, practically standing upright like a baby in a crib, until I take him out and make him a nest in my blanket for him, which he promptly falls asleep in. Bonus points if it’s on a hot water bottle.

When he was a very tiny baby he used to fall asleep on my chest or my tummy, because of my warmth. 

He also lets me hand feed him now with no problems at all. 

But yeah, tortoises have no personality or feelings, and no way to recognise their owners. Just you keep thinking that.