april 4th, more turtle, morningside park

*THIS* is what turtles deserve. They should be Kings and Queens of their ponds, basking in the sun, not shoved in bags and dumped in trash cans. 

Please help our friends at LittleRESq help some shells that aren’t this lucky. 

“The giant turtle on the side of Century Avenue in Dunseith, North Dakota, was erected in 1982 to pay homage to the nearby Turtle Mountain State Park. The 18-foot-tall tortoise was built from 2,000 old wheel rims, and has been known to sport a festive Santa hat during the holidays.” Address: Junction of Highways 3, 5 and 281, Dunseith, North Dakota
Photo courtesy of Maury Vaughan via Flickr.

via www.womansday.com