What species are the tortoises in your blog?

Hi Anon, 

I share pictures, info about ALLLLLLLLL kinds of turtle and tortoises so you’ll have to be specific. The tortoise in charge here (Zoya pants ) is a Testudo Horsfieldi aka Russian Tortoise (sometimes called central Asian tortoise). 

If you’re asking about a specific post feel free to send me a link to it  🙂 


I wish i had pics but I don’t, But… I literally put the tortoise down for half a second, and he decides “Hmmm this carpet looks edible even though it’s really ugly and I just ate my weight in kale.” The joys of taking care of a tortoise.

We shells like to make decisions based on science. This means we have to examine every item, conduct a taste testing, and then decide if its a tasty treat. Sometimes we have to repeat our studies to make sure they are accurate. Its a very long detailed process, but that’s science. we can’t help it if we’re super smart scientists. Now, about your shoe laces… 


Do you know if Zoya is going to marry Jeff Musk? We want wedding buffet & cake! ❤️

*blush* well I’m only 8 and humom says that’s still young… but maybe?? He is very handsome and always a gentleman.Don’t worry! It will obviously be ab open noms wedding!! Thats the only way to wedding!  

@his-ladyship-thefangirl replied to your photo: “wheremyscalesslither: INCOMING!!! RAWWWWWWR”:

what kind of tortoise is this

That’s a desert tortoise, like Mojave max 🙂 Native to the Mojave and Sonoran deserts in the south-west of the US. They are a threatened species, unfortunately. Recently, because of the closure of the largest facility housing injured/rehabbed tortoises, homes were sought for the displaced animals that lived there. They were adoptable only to residents of the area (you can’t take threatened species across state lines). They have to be kept sepereate from wild populations so they don’t bring in any diseases, take resources, fromt he natural population thats already deminishing. Also? They are beautiful tortoises hee


just FYI, box turtles are not tortoises. their closest relative is the wood turtle. they are true terrapins.

Hey Anon! 

Thanks so much for writing. You are absolutely right. I generally use quick tags in my posts and I realize it completely leaves out the terrapins! I’ve fixed that. 

We do use quick tags for posts we share for cute value, silly behavior, and other people’s comments. We try to identify the type of turtle, tortoise, or terrapin but sometimes we fail. Like our earlier post. We love getting messages from followers with more info so I’m very glad you wrote!

Here at torttime, despite the name, we share turtles and terrapins as well as tortoises. We tend to focus on tortoises some because the other half of our ‘staff’ is a Russian tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii… not actually Russian at all). The title for our blog was inspired by our friend who was taking the bar at the time and we thought it was funny to take back Torts for the shells haha! Our motto is “Turtles, Tortoises, and Terrapins 24/7″ so we haven’t forgotten. 

Thanks for reading and writing us! 


I just wated to say thank you… This blog made me so happy, when I was abot to do something stupid… thank you…

Hey Anon,

First of all, SUPER GIANT SHELL HUGS TO YOU!!! It’s funny how these small (and large) wonders make the world seem like a better place, isn’t it? Sharing these posts every day makes me happy too.

I don’t know what you’re going through but I can guarantee you that  there’s an army of shells (of all sizes) that have your back. You can stop by this blog for a reminder anytime you need one.

Zoya says she’ll make sure she has an extra dandelion saved for you.