What kind of music do turtles like?

Don’t tell her I told you.. but Zoya is a big fan of soft rock. I catch her listening to Foreigner all the time!



HAPPY TRENDY – Lonesome George

This is a side small project from Dylan Khotin-Foote, also known as Kumon Plaza. This is the first time Dylan decided use his voice, usually he’s blissing your brain out with synths and 8-bit noises. But in this case it’s a matter of keeping it simple with an elderly Yamaha keyboard and Casio loops from a keyboard that his grandfather gave him. You can download the entire album for FREE over at bandcamps.

Funny back story about this track is that this is about a turtle. A rather famous turtle from what I hear. Lonesome George is the known Geochelone nigra abingdoni aka Pinta Island Tortoise aka Galápagos giant tortois