Yesterday was Chemo day for humom, so I made sure to be a good #ESA and get up early to give her silly side eyes, let her watch me climb my log, and of course to give her a big snuggle before she left. She always says it makes the day a million times better. 

Today’s noms were pretty late but I went ahead and gave her a pass since she needed her rest. In the meantime, I made sure I spread all of yesterdays leftover around in fun patterns so she’d have something pretty to look at when she finally got up. I think she really appreciated that part the most. 

Support torting is hard work but someones gotta do it. I guess it will be me. 


This little lady kept me company on a bad pain day today

Are you your humans support tortoise??? I’m one too! *Shell Five*

Here I am working on my ‘hands on support tortoise’ training 

It’s a tough and important job but we’re tough torts! We can handle it! 

Looks like you’re pretty good at your job. Nice to meet you! Please tell your human, that my human, sends a spoonie high five  😀

Shello friends! Human has been in the hospital and hasn’t been able to respond to the recent asks she received! Soon she’ll be back and catching up. Don’t you worry. 

Its no fun without her playing paparazzi while I strike a pose. Luckily auntie D sent this awesome stuffed tortoise so she doesn’t get lonely without me, his name is Backup! heehee Always bring backup. Silly hospital not letting Tortoises visit. 

She should be back soon and will get back to asks and our yearly World Turtle Day celebration!! 

<3 Zoya Pants